“Black Lives Matter” poster supports Ujamaa Place

Late last year, I collected all of the proceeds from sales of the “Black Lives Matter wrapped in a tallit” poster, added an additional donation of my own, and sent…

Words @ Work Exhibit

My work will be in a special exhibit, in various location, from February through May 2017. This exhibit features three artists all doing work with Hebrew words and letters. The…
commissionscut paper

Wedding Cake

This papercut was commissioned by an synagogue that wanted to send a thank you to its Kitchen Master when she moved away. She deserved a lot of thanks for her…
commissionscut paper

2012 – A year of blessing, a Life of blessing

This piece was commissioned to celebrate the year 2012, when significant events happened for nearly everyone in extended family of the person who commissioned it. Read more »
commissionscut paper

A place for you in my heart

This piece was commissioned by HG as a gift for a couple she married. Read more »

Mizrach Papercutting Class

I’ve been invited to teach a short class on papercutting at the JCC! It will be announced in the next JCC Newsletter as follows: Thursday, April 18th at 7pm Celebrate…
commissionscut paper

How vast are Your works

The on this piece reads: “Ma Gadlu MaAseh Adonoi, Meod AmKu MaHoshVotecha”, meaning “How vast are your works Adonoi, Your designs are beyond our grasp” and it is from the…
commissionscut paper

The kind of law enforcement it insists on

This piece was commissioned to be a donation for a silent auction held by the ECCPA, an organization through which citizens support their local police. View the whole piece here…
commissionscut paper


Commissioned by AG and JG for the first birthday of their son Louis, named partially for the great musician Louis Armstrong. See more about this papercut »
commissionscut paper

Two Zebras

This papercut was a commissioned piece. The two zebras are calmly intertwined, each doing their own thing, looking at what’s around them, but not with an absence of passion and…
commissionscut paper

This is the true joy…

This piece was created as a commission. LR wants to give it as a gift to honor a physician mentor of hers. She chose the quote, which is from George…
a processmetalsculpture

Eyes, Beak, Comb and Wattle

The steel hen has received the last of the attention she is going to receive for a while, I believe. Last week, I did the following: Heated up the end…