a process

Dissecting and reassembling the text

These last few days I’ve been getting ready to begin laying the Yiddish text into the pit, where I already placed a person and prison bars at the bottom. My…
a process

Why this Yiddish text?

I’m continuing to feel good about my idea of the pit with Jacob and prison bars; I am moving forward with that as my design concept. Here’s my little sketch.…
a process

A focus on the pit of betrayal and imprisonment

The triptych idea is not coming together in a way that feels right at this moment. I’m trying to take a step back from all of the detail, and think…
a process

Too much for one papercut

The topic that I’m drawn to for creating this piece is gigantic, huge, overwhelming and too much to put in a single papercut. I can’t call out racism and injustice…
a process

Criminal justice in a papercut – how to focus?

In my research for existing resources on Jewish approaches to fighting injustice in the justice system, I’ve found a wealth of items. Some that struck me: Tru’ah Handbook on fighting…
a process

thinking about a justice-focused papercut

Since David Harris commissioned me to make a new papercut focused on contemporary issues, I’ve been thinking about what I might want to focus on, but it really didn’t take…
a process

Invited to be in an Artist’s Salon

David Harris of Rimon has invited me to participate in an artist’s salon in February of next year! He’ll find an interlocutor – someone to have a live unscripted conversation…

Photos from the exhibit

The Words @ Work exhibit at the Sabes JCC has been a great success! In addition to attending the opening, I have gone a few additional times to discuss the…

On Jewschool, #TorahForTheResistance

My piece Lo Alecha was featured in a JewSchool article: Tu Bishvat & #TorahForTheResistance: Taking Our Trees With Us

All my work is ready to go!

All the papercuts that are going into the Words @ Work exhibit are fully framed and ready to be transported! Well, almost all. I’m still working on the last one,…