Painted kleenex box cover

Last night my sweetie and I went on a date to Simply Jane, a place kind of like Color Me Mine or Our Name is Mud. They have blank stuff…
cut paper

H.G. Wells loves him a bicycle

Just finished creating this papercut this past weekend. A friend of mine wanted to commission a piece for her spouse for the ocassion of Christmas, the pending completion of their…
a processmetalsculpture

Chicken gets a head

This hen is getting quite heavy. Quite top heavy. I spent some time trying to add a small dense weight to her breast so she’d balance, but there were two…
a processmetalsculpture

Shake your tailfeathers

Massive surface area added to the chicken last night. I cut and forged the second wing, the second piece of the middle far back, the last piece of neck, five…
a processmetalsculpture

Forging ahead

Last week, which did not get a blog post, I started creating the external surface of the chicken. Starting with a large rectangle of relatively thin plate steel, I cut…

Art cards for everyone

Yesterday my art cards arrived. I tried out a new (to me) printing service called Moo. Their cards are printed on nice solid cardstock and the best feature is that…
cut paper

laser cut papercuts

In preparation for the art fair I’m going to be at on Sunday, I had five of my designs cut with a laser by Pololu. Today, they arrived in the…
a processmetalsculpture

Metal chicken

The chicken support structure/skeleton begins. It’s kind of hard to tell, but it’s got a basic body outline, hips, legs, and initial neck.

Pedal to the metal

Well, it’s not art exactly. It’s functional. After years away, I am back in a metalshop, this one provided by CAFAC (the Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center). The last few…
cut paper

Eat Food IV

This is my fourth papercut inspired by the first line of Michael Pollan’s article “Unhappy Meals.”
cut paper

Lo Alecha II

This is my second piece with the phrase starting “Lo Alecha”. This text loosely translates as “It is not for you to complete the work [of repairing the world]. Not…

Papercuts Art Show

My papercuts are on display! They are at my local JCC, which features a different artist on the gallery walk 5 or 6 times a year. My papercuts will be…