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Ayelet Engidawork

This papercut was a gift to friends with a new baby daughter. It’s three-layer – white, maroon, pink. Into the white layer are cut gazelles, the name Engidawork in Amharic,…
a process

Mosaic gets its grout

Yesterday, in the second of two classes, I learned how to add grout to my mosaic. Never being one to do things simple, I decided that the fish and the…

Helping CAFAC knock it off

The Chicago Avenue Fire Arts Center, currently just a little more than a hope and a dream, put a call out for volunteers. They are working on constructing the space…
a process

A first mosaic

Yesterday I attended the first of two classes at the JCC taught by Connie, a mosaics artist. There was actually very little “class” to the class – she spent less…
commissionscut paper

A Secret Commission

I’m starting research and design work on a secret commision – secret because the people who commissioned it don’t know about it yet! I can’t say much, other than this…

Lake scene


College posters

My cousin, who just started her first year of college 3000 miles away from her home, has put out a general call to friends and family to make art for…

Art with nature’s help

Months have gone by since I’ve create a legitimate art piece, but I know that’ll change. Adjusting to the move takes a lot of energy, and some of the leftover…

Toddler in the dirt

I have a general rule to not post photos of my daughter, because that would belong on a parent blog, not an art blog. I’m making an exception for this…

Doing a big move

This is it. We are moving house, moving state, moving region! I’ll be gone in a couple of days, homeless during the drive, and then a homeowner in a couple…