Fleishig bowls

My sweetie and I coordinated together to paint these two bowls at (this is a crazy business name if ever I heard one) “Color Me Mine,” which offers a studio…

Does bread count as art?

I have been neglecting this blog because I have been channeling my artistic energies to places other than official artwork these past months. I’ve been taking a lot of photos…
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Ani l’dodi v’dodi li

Alison commissioned this piece for her to give to her fiance as a proposal token. She requested two trees with branches entangled and the words connecting the branches as if…
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Dan and Elissa

this papercut has the traditional birkat habayit text along with the hebrew names of my two friends who just got married this past june. this is their wedding gift. See…
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Chicken Skeleton

Not much to say about this one, other than that I really really like how it came out. The two-tone works really well here. Also, the grey plays two different…
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Snake Skeleton

Continuing with last week’s theme (animal skeletons) I’ve cut a snake skeleton this week. It was a rattlesnake … posing curled up, ready to strike. Scary. New! Post a comment.»…
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Turtle skeleton

While looking through my papercuts from last year, i was particularly struck by the skeletons. i do think that i want to do more papercuts of human skeletons, but for…
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Eliav Zecharia

I designed and completed this papercut over a year ago but am only now posting it. It was a baby present for Eliav. His Hebrew name is Eliav Zechariah, which…
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Brooklyn Bridge IV

Another in a now 4-part series of papercuts on our lovely Brooklyn Bridge. Click here to see the whole papercut. Click here to see all four Brooklyn Bridge papercutss.
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Eat Food III

My third papercut inspired by Michael Pollan’s line “Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.” See the whole thing here »
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Nursery Animals

I started making a series of animal art for the nursery. They are kind of papercuts, in that I started with paper and cut it, but I’m using construction paper,…
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Brooklyn Bridge III

This is the third in what I plan to be a series of four or five papercuts featuring this bridge. See the complete piece here.