Kent Cast 2

Today i went into tcs in the morning at 9:30 to help Brett with the second step of Kent’s molding and casting process. i didn’t take notes this time, but i’ll try to remember the basics.

so first we pulled out the shims, cutting off overhanging bits of rubber all the while, with an exacto razor. the trick was to pull out the shims slowly and carefully, and hold down the rubber at the same time so that it didn’t pull away from the sculpture (which it did sometimes, oops).

then i went around the edge with a tool and smoothed down the clay where the shims had been in and tried to get it nice up along the edge of the rubber. i also had to create a new big toe for his left foot because it had escaped.

then we mixed up a very quick-catalyzing thin batch of rubber which brett quickly applied while i held down, with my hands, the parts of the rubber mold that had come away from the original slightly. when brett finished with that layer, we mixed up 2 more batches for the next two layers and applied it all with a brush.

i had to go, but brett will apply a few more layers until the rubber is very thick. for our next meeting, we’ll try to do the mothermold all in one day, which will require about 4 hours. it’ll be 3-part, he says.

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