end of casting class

Earlier this week, I cast two more Agador IIs (they must be Agador II.2 and Agador II.3, but who’s counting?). The mold works great each time, and requires only about 20 minutes of cleaning. These last two castings proceeded more smoothly than the first, due to the numerous clamps. Each guy has required some cleaning and patching, but I’ve learned so much through this process that I’m sure my next mold will be much more pristine.

So, that’s the end of casting class. The studio is closed until late September, at which point I will take another figure sculpting class, and go in at other times to make a new mold. Now that I’ve experimented on Agador II, I’m thinking that next I’ll try to mold and cast Chris or the Standing Man… or maybe Lynn. Stay tuned.

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