All prints are 9x12 inches and printed on high quality 80lb cardstock.
Cost is $30 (+$2.50 for shipping).
Because a camel is on me poster

This poster print is of this wonderful pun-based papercut, "Because a camel is on me". The Hebrew is from Psalm 13, verse 6, and is usually translated as "I will sing unto G!d, because G!d has dealt bountifully with me." However, a few of the words have alternate meanings, so the sentence could accurately be translated as β€œI will sing unto G!d, because a camel is on me.” Read more »


Now Available: A limited edition poster print of the Black Lives Matter wrapped in a tallit papercut design.

All 100% of the profits will go to Ujamaa Place, a local Twin Cities organization working to improve the lives of Black men.

Larger editions of this piece are also available: Large Posters.

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Lo Alecha poster

This poster print of my first Lo Alecha papercut loosely translates as: β€œIt is not for you to complete the work [of repairing the world]. Not up to you to finish it. But neither are you free to desist from it.” This phrase comes from Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers), which is part of the Mishna, the Jewish oral law.