Black Lives Matter in a tallit – large poster

Large format poster

We need to do more and say more and be louder about our support of justice work in this country. Saying nothing is supporting the oppressive, unjust, and racist institutions that have been and continue to devalue Black lives.

I’ve made available a larger size poster of my Black Lives Matter wrapped in a tallit papercut. Please hang this poster in your synagogue, temple, JCC, church, community center, and home. Make sure that all of your members and visitors know that you support justice, that Black Lives Matter, and that we have a shared responsibility.

Hanging this artwork is one way you can be louder, spark conversation in Jewish and community gathering spaces, prompt policy changes within our own institutions and raise awareness for the ways that we can do better.

Suggested minimum amount: $36. If you can afford to pay more, then donate more; any extra over printing and shipping costs will go to the Minneapolis organizations listed on the page.

Details about the poster

Black Lives Matter text, enveloped in a tallit, a Jewish prayer shawl, with sacred text below. This idea was formed from the hot fires of my frustration and feelings of helplessness. I want to believe that art can make a difference, can communicate more deeply, can bring peoples together, can change the world — but my faith often flags. Maybe each piece can only be a small step, hopefully in the right direction, for humanity.

Hebrew Text

The Hebrew text is from the Mishnah Sanhedrin 4:5 and means: “Anyone who destroys a life is considered to have destroyed an entire world; and anyone who saves a life has saved an entire world.”

Design Notes

I had a hard time designing this papercut. I knew that I wanted the tallit to be enveloping, hugging, holding the English text, but I didn’t want to *cut* the tallit. However, ultimately, I decided to cut the letters out, cut with my knife into the tallit form; this was difficult. I believe that the meaning to understand from this is that racism — and the fact that “Black Lives Matter!” ever even had to be stated, insisted upon, shouted to combat the lies we see enacted by much of our society — cuts into my Jewish experience, and my life, and demands a Jewish response.

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