Celadon glaze test tiles

Test tiles! What a long process. I bought red, yellow, blue and purple celadon glazes, and wanted to try out some color mixing. I made a bunch of tiles so I could do various color combos. I figured out that one tile could be covered with 28 drops of glaze, and then each tile got a 100% cover, a 25%/75% cover, or a 50%/50% cover of glaze mixes. There were a lot of notes! Here you see the final rainbow of red, yellow and blue, each combined with each other. Then I also combined each color with clear. I did a separate set of purple, combining purple with clear and with each of the three primary colors. 34 tiles in total! Phew. Now I can get to glazing three pieces that have been waiting, post-bisque, for their coloring.

June 2023
Not for Sale

From the Creation Process