Can two walk together who have not met?

This text, full of questions, only prompts more questions for me. What can be meant by “walk” and “meet”? What are the various ways that we can interpret these ideas? Why all of the attendants indications of fear, danger, and comfort?

The source text, from Amos 3, was calligraphed around the edges of the papercut by Noam Sienna:
“Can two walk together who have not met? Does a lion roar in the woods if he has not cornered his prey? Does a young lion bellow from his den if he has not caught something? Does a bird swoop down into a trap on the ground if there is no bait? Does a trap spring up from the ground unless it has surely caught something? If a horn of alarm sounds in a city, do people not fear?”

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Notes or questions:

March 2017
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