For My Sake … / I am but dust III

When creating this piece of artwork, I contemplated the joy that relationships bring us, as well as their fragility. I decided to include two pieces of Hebrew text, which are joined together in a Hasidic teaching. The teaching is that all persons should have two pieces of paper, one in each pocket. On one is written “On my behalf was the whole world created” (from the Mishnah of Sanhedrin 4:5) and on the other “I am but dust and ashes.” (from Genesis 18:27). The first text, which brings to mind joy and the importance each of us has in the world, is at the top of the papercut, floating in the trees along with the green growth and birds. The second text, which reminds us of our smallness and unimportance, rests on the ground below the towering trunk of the tree.

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April 2014
12 x 12