rock update

Last night marks a time of great progress on the rock. Take a look at the development album (focus on the additions from this week) to see. What I did:

  • Took down the cheeks about a centimeter. This was to bring them closer to the level of the eyes, which were quite deep
  • Took down the nose almost 2 centimeters. You can see the half-way process in this pict.
  • Sculpted lips!
  • Made the chin smaller
  • Started to sculpt the tendon in the neck

I’m discovering that sculpting in rock for me is really proving to be an important part of the process of my artistic development. I always try to be so in control and so safe when I’m doing my artwork and it has been a life-long struggle to take a deep breath and then some risks. Since I can never ever undo any step in the rock-sculpting process, every move I make is an irreversible risk (unlike in clay, or even watercolors).

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