Lasercuts are limited editions of my papercut designs that were cut by laser, then signed and numbered by me. The lasercuts shown here have already been created and are available right now. Feel free to look around my site at my complete collection of papercuts.

  • If you want a papercut design as a lasercut, send me an email about creating it for you and I’ll let you know about feasibility, cost, and timing.
  • If you’d like to comission a brand-new unique papercut, let me know by sending me an email.

The photos below are shown on a variety of background colors, but that’s not part of your lasecut! I’ll be sending your lasercut to you in the mail, safely wrapped up in cellophane on black foamcore. You can then take it to a frame shop, or buy a frame, and choose any background color you like (or you can leave it as it is). See my Framing a Papercut by Aviv document for tips and ideas on framing.


Eat Food III 8" x 2.5" $14.00
Eat Food II 6" x 5" $14.00
Hamsa with Fishes 4.75" x 6" $19.00
Eat Food IV 7" x 4.55" $16.00
Brooklyn Bridge 7.25" x 5" $22.00
Mizrach 8" x 8" $54.00
Spots Gone 6" x 5" $14.00
Balance of Value 6" x 6" $24.00
Peace 6" x 2.5" $18.00