Curious Reese

October 6, 2006 | Filed in:

This handsome hybrid is the dog companion of a fellow dog-having friend of mine. I’ve capture him in cut paper … and it looks just like him!

See the whole papercut here.


Intertwined Trees Ketubah

August 29, 2006 | Filed in:

This past weekend my sister and now brother-in-law got married! I spent the last few months working on their ketubah. They wanted a papercut ketubah with lots of color and life, including: trees, birds, a newt, chantrelle mushrooms, roses, california poppies, hummingbirds, and the moon. To make this piece, I first painted the trees and birds, then drew the papercut on the back and cut it out. Then I painted the flowers, hummingbirds and moons. The text was later calligraphied directly onto the blue “background” so as to show up in the spaces around the tree. For a complete picture of the papercut, click here.

If you’d like to see what the ketubah looked like with the text (and the couple), click here.


City Fox

August 4, 2006 | Filed in:

Commisioned by David for a friend’s one-year-old son, Nacham David. Their last name is Fox and they live in Manhattan. I used white paper for the papercut, special maroon paper with subtle clouds in it for the background, and I cut a special piece of fancy orange and gold paper for the tail. If I had paid attention when I went crazy in the paper store last month, I’d be able to tell you what these papers actually are!

Click here to see the complete papercut.


Anniversary papercut

August 2, 2006 | Filed in:

This was commissioned as a gift for his parents by Andrew. They went to U of Michigan together, worked at Combined together, live in and love Chicago together, enjoy golfing together, and celebrate Judaism together. This piece has elements of all those shared pieces. This piece has elements of it all. The photo was taken in unideal circumstances, so it looks a bit blurry; the original is sharp!

Click here to see the whole thing.


Birchat for Architect

June 11, 2006 | Filed in:

When I was in Berlin earlier this month, an unknown person (a friend of a friend) let me stay in her apartment while she was out of town. I’ll be framing this papercut and sending it to her as a thank you. It’s a “bless this house” with t-squares, as she is an architect.

More info here …



May 17, 2006 | Filed in:

This papercut ketubah, which I designed for a couple here in Brooklyn, incorporates a variety of historical, ideological, and family symbols. One member of the couple has irish history, both are associated with the UAW, they love water and earth, freedom, and the infinte. All these ideas are in here. In the final ketubah, of which I do not yet have a photo, the text fills in the four squares. It’s 22 x 28 inches and has a oil pastel background with red oil paint people. More info here…


Subway Papercut

May 7, 2006 | Filed in:

This commission was for a couple celebrating their 20th anniversary. One wanted to get a gift for the other that was both reflective of her unromantic nature and about a subject she loves. Hence a papercut about the NYC subway. To plan this piece, I researched numerous photos of subway trains so that I could get the details right. Then I put people in the windows.

See the complete picture here.


one subway car

April 19, 2006 | Filed in:

Began working on this commissioned papercut last night. On Monday, I’d gone through a two-hour ordeal at Kinko’s, trying to figure out a way to get the design, which I created in photoshop printed onto a nice piece of paper. Last night, I found that the “ink” was rubbing off almost like powder! Have to work very carefully. Here’s a brief glance at the begun cut. Can’t say more, as the one of the ultimate recipients is in the dark about this project.


3 fuller pl

January 8, 2006 | Filed in:

The fourth guerilla papercut is done. It would have been done sooner, but I was sick almost all week and didn’t get much chance to work on it. It’s got the standard birchat for visitors as well as an image of the house that I converted from a photograph I took, shabbat dinner items, and flowery decorations.


chinese and hebrew two

December 27, 2005 | Filed in:

This papercut, for two friends, combines Jewish and Chinese artistic ideas. The two people’s names are cut out in Hebrew letters, while their Chinese birth years are represented by the appropriate animals. I used traditional Chinese papercuts as my inspiration for the animals and leaf styles.


chinese and hebrew one

December 21, 2005 | Filed in:

It’s becoming a habit, the habit of guerrilla papercutting (two Rs, two Ls, thanks mom). Planning and making papercuts for people who haven’t asked for them and aren’t expecting them. It is a habit once you’ve done three? Well, I just started my third. For a household that contains both Jewish and Chinese tradition, and two wonderful people.


Mothership – done

December 12, 2005 | Filed in:

A ship, rolling on the seas, rocked but not swamped. For the mothers on Adelphi Street.


Mothership – one

December 1, 2005 | Filed in:

for a wonderful pack of mothers, running the mothership in brooklyn, this will be a surprise treat to put on their wall. here is a peek at step one.


Lailah Perel

November 25, 2005 | Filed in:

Friends of mine just had a baby. This is a surprise gift for them.




Pot Rack – Day 1

June 28, 2005 | Filed in:

Today I spent 5 solid hours concocting and building a new project. It’s a pot rack for my kitchen! It’s got 5 welded-on hooks for pots, and a grid in the middle for S-hooks on which can hang other pots, ladels, spoons, etc.

It kind of looks like a medieval implement of torture.

Next time I’ll smooth down the rough edges and polish it a little bit. Take a look at two pictures here.