Spider Day Three

March 16, 2007 | Filed in:

Last night I added another 212 squares to the spider abdomen. This makes for a total of 551 squares. The abdomen is almost complete. Now I will begin creating the cephalothorax…

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Spider Day Two

March 8, 2007 | Filed in:

Last night I added another 170 squares to the spider abdomen. This makes for a total of 339 squares.

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Spider begins

March 1, 2007 | Filed in:

I started a new metal sculpture that I’m building entirely out of squares (well, most are actually just rectangles and a few are triangles). You can’t tell right now, but it’s going to be a spider. The part I’ve built first is the top part of the back part … I have to learn some spider anatomy.

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August 10, 2006 | Filed in:

Still not ready to go back to the bear just yet. And I only had 2 hours in the shop today, so I started this tree. I took a 4 foot piece of thick-ish bar (1/2 inch?) and forged the whole thing, heating to white hot and then hitting with a hammer to work the surface. Then I cut, forged tips, and welded it together. Next I’ll add branches and maybe more roots.


Metal bear gets some skin

July 28, 2006 | Filed in:

After adding just a few structural pieces yesterday, I began adding “skin.” First I had to cut a number of pieces out of a large sheet of sheet metal, and then I began welding them on. It was quite a challenge; I had a #2 welding tip that worked perfectly on quarter-inch rod, but just about vaporized the thin sheet metal. Once I had a skin piece attached, I’d heat it up with the tip and bang it into place around the skeleton with a hammer. At this time, he’s looking kind of buggy, but I’ll be taking care of that at a later stage. I think this bear’s name might be Iorek Byrnison, because he’s looking an awful lot like an armoured bear.


Metal Bear grows

July 20, 2006 | Filed in:

Tonight I spent a solid 5 hours working on the bear in an overheated metalshop. You know, if you’re not sweating, you’ve not having any fun! He’s not got a much more complete skeletonal structure and more weight in his back-end to keep him balanced. Head, legs, body, shoulders, and neck have all been honed. Next week I hope to start adding skin! Here are two pictures from today: from the right and from the back.


Metal Bear begins

July 14, 2006 | Filed in:

Using this old drawing as inspiration, I began the bear last night. So far, he’s got a basic skeleton, same way the elephant, bull, and dog all started out. He’s going to be leaning forward, and looks like he should topple over, but I’ve put some heavy weights at his back end to keep him upright. There’s a lot of work to do before he’ll be done: complete legs, head, skin, etc. Maybe I’ll squeeze in an extra visit to the metalshop to work on him. Here’s his picture so far.


second figure – two

April 24, 2006 | Filed in:

I had some more time to spend working on this piece that I started last week. I developed the face quite a bit and warmed up the body a bit. She still looks a bit 1920s to me. I think she may still need some work … she’s got to sit for a bit.

Read more here.


elephant is done

April 20, 2006 | Filed in:

I was lucky enough to get one extra day in the metalshop this spring, and took the time to finish the elephant! He’s now got a trail with stringy hairs hanging off of it and, most importantly, he’s got ears. I also heat-treated the legs, gave him toes, and fixed up some areas that needed fixing up. In the picture to the right, he’s cooling off, trunk-up, in a bucket of filthy water. There’s also a picture of him cooling trunk-down! More development photos here.

He’s now for sale – learn more here.


one subway car

April 19, 2006 | Filed in:

Began working on this commissioned papercut last night. On Monday, I’d gone through a two-hour ordeal at Kinko’s, trying to figure out a way to get the design, which I created in photoshop printed onto a nice piece of paper. Last night, I found that the “ink” was rubbing off almost like powder! Have to work very carefully. Here’s a brief glance at the begun cut. Can’t say more, as the one of the ultimate recipients is in the dark about this project.


second figure – step 1

April 18, 2006 | Filed in:

Last night I started this figure painting; next week I hope to spend another 3-4 hours on it and get it all finished up. Right now, she’s got a blueish grey background, but I’m thinking I’ll change it to something more racy, something bright.

Here’s a full view.


Maria is done

April 5, 2006 | Filed in:

A couple of days ago I finished this painting of Maria that I painted in class while learning how to work with oil paints. I spent this week fixing her colors, mostly, though here were also some drawing issues to fix. I’m quite pleased with the final product! More Info …


elephant with trunk

April 3, 2006 | Filed in:

The elephant is done for now! He’s got a trunk now, which was what he was really lacking. I’m going to shelve him for a month or two and then take him back to the shop for a tail, toes, perhaps some tusks. After that, he’ll be totally done and perhaps for sale. See more about him here…


elephant day 4

March 30, 2006 | Filed in:

Last night I spent a good 3 solid hours working on this little guy, but there’s less visible progress. I worked on some details, like adding metal to the body so that they ribs don’t show through as much. I also covered more of the head and started strategizing about the trunk.


first figure day 2

March 29, 2006 | Filed in:

Started applying real color on top of the underpainting this week. Except for a little bit of burnt sienna on the very bottom of the canvas, she’s all filled in with real colors. If you look at the full body photo, you’ll see that she’s a bit on the blue side now. I’ll probably warm her up a bit next week.


elephant has a head

March 23, 2006 | Filed in:

I got all hunkered down with the elephant last night. Didn’t even take the dog out of hiding (though she did get to pose for a picture with the elephant). I added lots to the elephant’s body, which is now almost completely covered. I also created a complte frame for the head with little pieces of bar, and then started covering it. Exciting! Here is the elephant from the front and here from the side.


first figure

March 21, 2006 | Filed in:

I started an oil painting last night of a nude female model. I spent the whole time just using some brushes and burnt sienna (no white or black or any other colors). You can see the result here. Next time class meets, I’ll paint over this burnt sienna underpainting with actual colors.


elephant gets skin

March 17, 2006 | Filed in:

How the elephant got its skin: Take a sheet of metal. Using the plasma cutter, hack it up into smallish pieces (1-4 square inches). Take once piece at time, weld it to the skeleton using the oxy-acetalyne welder. Heat, bang with hammer, weld some more.

I started this process on Wednesday night and got the elephant about 1/4 covered in skin. This process yields much better results on small creatures like this elephant and bull than it does on the dog, I think. Here are three pictures of the elephant, partly covered.