Metal Bear continues

October 12, 2006 | Filed in:

I’ve been toiling away at the bear since I started it in July. These days, progress is not always obvious. Last night I spent three hours working on him and got his second hind leg covered. The time before that, I covered up his head. The time before that, his first hind leg. I keep refining my technique as I go, too. For example, I sometimes, I do a quick (bad) weld of a new piece of metal to an already covered part of the bear, heat the new piece to bright orange, and then beat the hell out of it until it both acquires some character and drops its weak weld. Then I weld it properly in the place it belongs. I’ve also been using more smaller pieces, and making sure each one acquires character before its left alone. Next steps are to cover the two front legs with skin and give his face some features … and maybe he’ll get a tail. Here are some progression photos of the bear.


Metal bear gets some skin

July 28, 2006 | Filed in:

After adding just a few structural pieces yesterday, I began adding “skin.” First I had to cut a number of pieces out of a large sheet of sheet metal, and then I began welding them on. It was quite a challenge; I had a #2 welding tip that worked perfectly on quarter-inch rod, but just about vaporized the thin sheet metal. Once I had a skin piece attached, I’d heat it up with the tip and bang it into place around the skeleton with a hammer. At this time, he’s looking kind of buggy, but I’ll be taking care of that at a later stage. I think this bear’s name might be Iorek Byrnison, because he’s looking an awful lot like an armoured bear.


Metal Bear grows

July 20, 2006 | Filed in:

Tonight I spent a solid 5 hours working on the bear in an overheated metalshop. You know, if you’re not sweating, you’ve not having any fun! He’s not got a much more complete skeletonal structure and more weight in his back-end to keep him balanced. Head, legs, body, shoulders, and neck have all been honed. Next week I hope to start adding skin! Here are two pictures from today: from the right and from the back.


Metal Bear begins

July 14, 2006 | Filed in:

Using this old drawing as inspiration, I began the bear last night. So far, he’s got a basic skeleton, same way the elephant, bull, and dog all started out. He’s going to be leaning forward, and looks like he should topple over, but I’ve put some heavy weights at his back end to keep him upright. There’s a lot of work to do before he’ll be done: complete legs, head, skin, etc. Maybe I’ll squeeze in an extra visit to the metalshop to work on him. Here’s his picture so far.